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Bonn & Ben @ Tupelo Honey

Bonn & Ben @ Tupelo Honey

October 2007, Asheville, NC


A quick posting for [ profile] bardcat.

[ profile] bardcat will be in the mountains of North Carolina over the next many days attending a writer's conference. While there he's going to be in many of the places I've been lately, including Black Mountain and Asheville. In particular, he may be eating at the Asheville restaurant Tupelo Honey.

We were in Asheville a few weekends ago visiting our daughter and her fiance. While there we had an unexpected Sunday brunch with Ben's aunt and uncle who had driven in from Tennessee for the day just so they could meet us. (Ben's mother died a year or two ago and they're his closest living relatives. It was something of a Meet The In-Laws brunch, sprung on us at the last minute for [well-founded] fear that Bonn would obsess about the meeting so thoroughly that she might cancel our trip)

The six of us had a grand time at Tupelo Honey. I've always found the food to be so-so, but Bonn really liked her blackened fish (salmon? I can't remember now). I had the most amazing Shrimp Grits in Chapel Hill when I first started at my job and I simply must stop trying to find it again elsewhere. (It was disappointing at best at Tupelo Honey)

Still, any restaurant named for a Van Morrison song can't be all bad. Besides, the wait staff, mostly women, have more tatoos than most guys I know.

The mountains of western North Carolina are known for their brilliant, blazing colour shows in October. The Blue Ridge Parkway suddenly gets congested to a crawl with driving sight-seers desperate for a glimpse of the vistas of leaves changing colors all the way from green to yellow to orange to red.

We saw the merest of splotches of colours during our drives to the mountains last weekend. My theory ("ahem -- my theory...") is that the leaves will all go from green to brilliant colours to dead and on the ground within ten days this year.

This means [ profile] bardcat should be in for the Nature's Colour Display of his life this week.

Write from the heart, write well and write truth, [ profile] bardcat.

And enjoy every minute of it.

(and then share what you've learned with the rest of us!)

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S&W Cafeteria

S&W Cafeteria

February 2006 Asheville, NC


This photograph goes out as a birthday greeting for one of my favorite LJ photographers, [ profile] mylastsigh.

I like to think that this photograph would fit in with some of the photographs Bruce took of NYC in years past.  Well, that is if there were some interesting people walking around the building and if the photograph was in black & white instead of color and if the building was in NYC and instead of Asheville and...if it was exactly like it is only completely different.

Come to think of it, just start stopping by his LJ (if you aren't already) and keep an eye out for his collection "Famous People Famous Places" and buy a copy when it comes out.

Happy Birthday, Bruce!

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July 2005 Asheville, NC


Last Wednesday evening I made the horrible mistake of taking a shower. Somewhere after the washing of the still-too-short hair and the final rinse-off, it happened. Standing still, knees bent slightly, facing forward -- WHACK!!!

A simple falling down in a wet shower, cracking my skull open and having to deal with the hoards of zombies that would, undoubtedly, start appearing on our doorstep due to the charming aroma such an event would cause would have been mere child's play. A baseball bat being swung into the shower cracking my ribcage into splinters? I wish...

No, this WHACK was the sound of two of my vertibrea attempting to make sudden contact with each other twarted only by that pesky nerve that runs in between them getting in the way.

At least, if there were any justice in this world, such a life-altering event would be accompanied by a similarly massive sound effect to give the events that were going to, ineveitably, follow for days and days their proper perspective and due. As well, the soundtrack to the entire shower would have been accompanied by that ominous, shark-in-the-water music that always preceeds such bone-crushing scenes.

In reality, there was nothing but the sound of the shower and me feeling my back seize up as my pinched nerve slammed all of it's bags down on the floor of my spine and, looking around, said, "You know, things haven't changed around here much in 15 years! It's good to be back for a visit!"

Of course it's long. Click on through to the other side if you're up for it... )

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Japanese Arch

Dan's Backyard: Japanese Arch

June 2005 Chapel Thrill, NC


Day Two in Asheville. We're conspicuously avoiding the big weekend street festival in downtown Asheville this weekend (especially Christine Kane isn't playing) and have spent our night and day here thus far spending time with Seren and her friends, especially Tess Tickle's Brother and Midori's Mom. I think I mentioned a while back (can't find the entry) that meeting them for the first time was like hanging out with old, good friends that we'd known for a long time. It's still the same way.

Last night was Auction Night at a local auction house not too far from where Tess' Brother and Midori's Mom live. I actually saw a few items that I was interested in bidding on but they quickly went up beyond what I was willing to pay. Such is life.

The rest of the night was going to a Good Little Hippy restaurant for some real food to take back with us to Tess' Brother/Midori's Mom's place to have something on our stomachs to sop up some of the alcohol we were about to drink.

This afternoon was the Gem Show. Lots of interesting photographic opportunities -- that is until a very nice guy selling out his stock of tools told me that the promoters would confiscate my camera if they found me taking pictures. A bit extreme, I thought, but I put the camera away and figured I'd do the Better Safe Than Sorry thing. I got the few things I knew I needed pretty quickly; Bonn needs to return tomorrow to get what she decides overnight that she needs.

Tonight is Drag Queen Night at one of the local gay/drag clubs in town. Seren and her friends are pretty well known to a lot of the people there, so it should be a pretty cool time. (Seren says she usually has drag queens offering to buy her clothes) I'm taking my camera, although most aren't too sure about it. This will definitely be a situation where I ask permission before taking any photographs.



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