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Maggie Sitting

Maggie Sitting

April 2006 Raleigh, NC


Maggie, The Cat Who Isn't Afraid of Anything, was the only one of the five cats who was with us when we buried our dog, Bjorn. When the other cats would either make overly dramatic gestures to avoid Bjorn (whom they refered to as "Monster Mouth") Maggie was completely unconcerned. She would walk close by him and, occasionally, even hang out with him. It was fitting that she was with us when we said our final, formal goodbyes to him.

Saturday, while [ profile] basefinder was visiting, Maggie went down to Bjorn's gravesite at the bottom of the yard, and just sat there for a while. Bonn says she does this about once a week or so, but this was the first I'd heard or seen of it. It was a sweet, gentle gesture that is so like Maggie.

I bring all of this up because [ profile] ruralrob's entry today told of how Bailey, one of his dear, loving dogs, ended his long fight with cancer over the weekend. Bailey, as I had thought, told them when it was time, and Rob and Meirion responded well and quickly, ensuring that Bailey wasn't in pain for long and that they were there with him at the end.

I'm hoping that Bailey and Bjorn are running around together, each free from the pain and problems that aging brought to them. I think they'd both be chasing after the same balls, if Bjorn could only find all of the tennis balls that he'd had thrown his way.

And, that maybe that's what Bjorn and Maggie were talking about on Saturday afternoon.

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Self-Portrait in Fender

Self-Portrait in Fender

October 2005 Manditory Fun Weekend, Myrtle Beach, SC


Haven't been lj-ing for a while. In a rare show of restraint, not having anything to say is actually keeping me from writing.

I've been reading a lot of Victorian England reference books, done stuff around the house, gotten The Boy's room largely converted into a writing room for myself with a replacement section of drywall and a new coat of paint on the wall where my 1825 map of London will hang. The CoolPix will be mailed out this week; I've been taking lots of rolls of actual film images (but haven't developed any of them) and, of course, lots of low-res images.

So why the break in the silence? After all, I should have something to say here, right?

Well, today is the birthday of one of my favorite people on LJ. He's a fantastic photographer, a fine writer and has the strength and courage to share his life in ways most people would never consider. I'm certain that years and years from now [ profile] ruralrob will be one of the finest memories I'll have of LJ -- and, with any luck, he'll be a close in-person friend as well.

Most of you on my friends list already have him on your friend's list, so [ profile] ruralrob old news to you. To those rare few of you who have yet to make his aquaintence, stop reading this drivel and go over to his lj and see what a real writer and photographer is like.

So, Rob, I'm afraid I have very little to offer for your birthday. When thinking of what I could possibly post that might mean something to you, I started scanning through my flickr images and I found this self-portrait. In typical fashion, it's intentionally not a very clear, descriptive image of myself. However, given how private I tend to keep this lj, I hope that the gesture wouldn't be lost on you.

And, if that doesnt' do it, I'll leave you with Stephen Colbert's "I Have a Dreamsicle" speech. It's a wonderful laugh.

Happy Birthday, kind sir. May you spend a warm, loving day with Meirion, Baxter and Bailey, being spoiled rotten. :-)



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