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Scott (aka [ profile] basefinder)

April 2006 Raleigh, NC


Scott (aka [ profile] basefinder) and I first met in a book discussion group at the local library called CRABS (Children Raving About Books) when we were probably in fourth or fifth grade.  After two or three years his father, an Air Force man, was reassigned to Satellite Beach, Florida and Scott moved.

We kept in touch via letters for years.  In fact, Scott was the person who I started honing my letter writing habits with.  (I still remember bits and pieces of some of those early letters.  Really dreadful things)  Somewhere in the late 70s or early 80s we lost touch, only to find each other again somewhere along the way.  (Um, Scott, feel free to fill in the details)

The last time we saw each other was about 15 years ago -- about the time some of the pictures in his avatars were taken.  He was pulling Temporary Duty with the Air Force in Virginia and we met in the hotel's bar and talked for several hours.  Apparently I was my typical snobbish bore, giving him grief for his musical tastes (I'll still shake my head at the disco.  I mean, c'mon...) and being my typical twenty-something opininated self.  Still, Scott was willing to put up with me.

Somewhere along the line a few years ago we hooked up again, thanks in part to the interweb.  I told him about my lj and he was interested enough to finally start his own. 

We spent this past Saturday together, feasting on homemade waffles, fruit and scrambled-up eggs for breakfast and spaghetti (with eggplant parmesian for us veggies) for dinner. 

All in all, 'twas a very nice day.

And, as an added bonus for our mutual lj friend [ profile] carolune, there's an additional photo to be seen by clicking on through to the other side... )

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Benches by the Rock Wave

Dan's Backyard: Benches by the Rock Wave

June 2005 Chapel Thrill, NC


A quick catch-up on something I've wanted to point out to people for a while.

I've known [ profile] basefinder since we were about 10 or so (I think that's right), back when we were both in a children's book discussion group at our local library. Being a military brat, he moved away after just a few years, but we kept in touch through snail mail and while we lost touch for a while, we've managed to keep in touch fairly regularly over the years. LJ has helped a lot, and when he learned that I'd lost my job back last May he started calling once a week to check up on me and just listen while I struggled to put on The Brave Face and not fall to pieces.

That is a good friend.

A few weeks ago he wrote some very insightful, thought-provoking entries over at his blog. One was titles "Why blog?" (You can read my -- surprise! -- lengthy response to that simple question there as well). Another was on why he has the people he does on his LJ Friends list. Another was titled "But Scott, you're not religious. Why do you pray?"

If you're in a self-reflective mood at all, I urge you to wander over to Scott's journal and read his entries. Then comment.

As for the image above, this is the area where the Rock Wave photograph was taken. To the right of the statue, sitting on the top of the wall, there's a clump of leaves. Behind that is where the wave now hides. It was taken only about 5 or 6 weeks from the first picture, but the trees have already grown that much and have obscured it from view.



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