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December 2005 Durham, NC


See, here's the thing about Christmas.

I grew up watching way too much television, a fact that has warped a great deal of my thinking for far too many years. One of those ways has to do with my expectations of Christmas. The big tree, the lights, the clean house, the cookies and cakes everywhere, a nice fire in the fireplace and, of course, standing by the window looking at all of the snow piling up against the panes and covering the grass and driveways outside.

That's one of the signals that Christmas is really on it's way.

Instead, Real Life is nothing like that. We have about 10 days before Christmas and none of those idealized trappings exist for me yet. Worse, I have to be the one to help create some of them. What happened to those frisky little pixies ("Yeeeeeaaaaassss!!!") that play their magical flutes in Scottish castle hotels, cleaned the Huxtable family's house all through "The Cosby Show" years and, undoubtedly, cleaned, cooked and created through all of the TV Christmas Specials that I watched as a kid.

Geez, do I have to do everything around here?

(Bonn would, undoubtedly, take this opportunity to smack me upside the head and correct me by saying, "No, I have to do everything around here.")

(And she has a point)

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Shelley Lake #1

Shelley Lake #1

October 2005 Raleigh, NC


This shot was taken mid-week last week at Shelley Lake, a local lake and park in the North Raleigh area.  We used to visit the part on a regular basis when we lived out at the old farmhouse -- it was a great place to take dogs for a walk and to get away from things for a while.

I like this shot, both for the colors of the leaves and the colors in the water.  However, the best water-reflection image I've seen in many a moon belongs to [ profile] ruralrob from his posting today.  (Fourth image down)  It's really a very fine piece of work by a man with a good eye for art in nature and in urban settings.

We spent the weekend fighting off illness and cleaning the house for Seren (who was supposed to come today but didn't).  We eventually ducked out of the house on Sunday afternoon long enough to run a few necessary errands and to catch "Good Night, and Good Luck" at the Rialto Theater in town.

Edward R. Murrow has been a hero of mine for most of my life, ever since I first read about what he did both with his rooftop radio broadcasts during the Battle of Britian and with his work to expose and bring down Sen. Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s.  He is, to my mind, what a journalist should be, plain and simple.

The film was good, but I was already prepared to be a fan.  The B&W cinematography was spot on, the acting was good and the whole look and feel of the 50s was captured on film quite well, I thought.  It helped that I knew the story already (and had read a brief biography of Murrow the night before we saw the film) but it's still one I'm looking forward to owing on DVD when it comes out.

From Murrow:

" We will not walk in fear of one another. We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason if we dig deep in our history and remember that we are not descended from fearful men, not from men who feared to write, to speak, to associate and to defend causes which were for the moment unpopular."

-- Edward R. Murrow, March 9, 1954

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Autumn Trees Reflected in the Raleigh Corporate Center building

Autumn Trees Reflected in the Raleigh Corporate Center Building

November 2005 Raleigh, NC


During this afternoon's interview I was asked about outside interests by one of the interviewers, the very technically astute Steven Champeon.  I mentioned writing, pointing them to the one article I have published that's online, which he promptly pulled up on his iBook.  When I mentioned photography he asked if I had a flickr account.  I said I did and he pulled flickr up and asked what my account name was. 

Turns out Steve has friends who built the underlying software (Game Never Ending) that ended up morphing into flickr, so his interest was two-fold.  Still, I paused for a split second -- giving away my flickr account name could, with a quick Google or two, lead him straight to this blog.

Now, I don't have anything to hide here, and certainly it's pretty obvious that I made a conscious effort not to discuss anything work related here and, heck, he would even be the person hiring me nor would he be anyone I'd be working with.  Still, it was an awkward leap for me, but after that split second hesitation I told him.  What the heck.

So, Steve, if you're reading this, I appreciated the interview, the informal nature of it all and I enjoyed jamming with you and Debra.  (Feel free to leave an anonymous comment -- with some aspect of what we talked about so I'll know its you)

And, if not, that's cool, too. 

For the rest of you, I thought it went pretty well.  Debra was psyched that I actually did bring a bag of Dark Chocolate M&Ms (and immediately took the bag out to share it with someone she said she'd promised some to if I really did bring them) and after a brief "tell us about yourself" talk it was pretty clear that I had 95% of what they were looking for.  From there we discussed all sorts of things and generally had a good time talking.  One of us would eventually bring the discussion back to more interview type questions, but, as I said (and they admitted) I had what they were looking for and that I was interested in the job.

Does this mean I'm writing up my letter of resignation to my current job?  Heck, no.  Call me pessimistic, but I'm not counting on anything until someone makes me an offer that I like.

Three cheers also goes out to [ profile] mylastsigh who felt his interview today went well.  Must be something about the birthdays.

For two more images of the Autumn leaves reflected in the building, click on through to the other side... )


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