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Knightdale Mushrooms

Knightdale Mushrooms

July 2005 Knightdale, NC


Why such a sort entry tonight?  Cat(s) got your tongue?

Actually, I'm doing something I thought I'd never do again -- I'm working on an entry over multiple days, writing, editing and trying to tighten what is already an overly long entry. 

(Bonn came into the room last night and asked, "What are you doing?"  When I told her she didn't skip a beat before asking, "Why would anyone want to read that?  I mentioned that I write for myself, what I want/need to write about.  If people want to read it, that's fine by me.  If not, I'm not terribly put off by that fact)

Anyways.  It's a short one tonight with just two things to comment on:

1.  Good friends [ profile] zombiefodder and [ profile] yes_rhade welcomed me into their home yesterday in the early evening, graciously accepting the overly late return of their scanner and a good-sized stack of manga that I carried with me.  (One of the neighborhood kids was actually waiting, somewhat impatiently, for me to arrive so he could make off with the Hellsing manga) 

I left, an hour or so later, with a stack of manga twice the size of the stack I returned.  (They really need to come up with an Official name for their, um, library collection)

With thanks and appreciation I dedicate the above picture.  It's their own neighborhood version of Matango, just a block and a  half away from their driveway.

2.  [ profile] photoconcept is alive and active again.  This month's theme is Mundane.

The idea is to take something mundane in your life and use your camera to capture it in an artistic light.

Y'all join in now, ya hear?

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A Steady Calm in the Blur of Life

A Steady Calm in the Blur of Life

July 2005 Chapel Thrill, NC


A while back good friend [ profile] yes_rhade mentioned in her lj that they Netflixed "Matango: The Attack of the Mushroom People" and actually showed it to Big Bud, their oldest son.

In the comments to that entry I made the following observation:
"I saw just the very end of "Attack of the Mushroom People" when I was at just the wrong/right age. That scared the absolute bejeebers outta me. I think you must be cruel and unusual parents to inflict such horrors on your kids."
(In a lengthy exchange with [ profile] yes_rhade's husband, good friend [ profile] zombiefodder, he correctly guessed that it was from Channel 20's "Creature Feature".  Not that that lessened the terror over the years at all)

When we signed up for Netflix one of the things I decided needed to be done was to confront that childhood fear of human beings turning into giant mushrooms and killing each other.  Last week I bumped it to the top of my list and waited for it to come in.

Last night I made dinner, a stir fry of veggies on hand that included 'schrooms.  After dinner Bonn asked if I wanted to watch Matango.

"But we just ate mushrooms!" I said.

"Then we have to!" she replied.

A handful of frozen chocolate chips later (to mask any remaining scent of 'schrooms), I was ready to face my fears like a man.

The movie started with a group of happy, rich people out for a day's adventure on a yacht.  Happy, rich and doomed people.

Ten minutes into it Bonn pointed out that it was a slow, tedious movie.

"Just you wait," I said.  "Just you wait."

Half an hour later she made the same comment again.  I had to agree with her.  There was way too much needless story and odd filler stuff that clearly had nothing to do with mushrooms.  Or mushroom people.  In fact, as good friend [ profile] zombiefodder pointed out, there were some weird, painfully obvious shadowings of Gilligan's Island gone wrong. 

Somewhere in the last half hour, when someone finally gave in and ate a mushroom, Bonn started asking what part had scared me.  We  hadn't seen anything close to scary yet although I  knew I'd only seen the last bit of the film.  Sure enough, the only part I remembered seeing was about the last 5 minutes.

In fact, those last five minutes were really the best part of the film.  In fact, I'm willing to go on record here as saying that it's a much more powerful movie without the other 85 minutes of build-up.

Bonn and I came to the same conclusion -- that the film is nothing but one Really Big Psychedellic Mushroom Trip Gone Bad.

If I'd only known that as a little kid.


A note about the picture above:

I was taking some images for a website I'm putting together for a gallery in Chapel Thrill and was up on a ladder, trying to get a usable shot of the full gallery.  Messing around with timed exposures and lights, as I occasionally do, I took this shot. 

What I like about it is that despite all of the obvious up and down motion, somehow Bonn is steady and unmoving in the image.  I'm not sure how that happened, but I'm at least smart enough to recognize what it means in my life.



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