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Autumn Trees Reflected in the Raleigh Corporate Center building

Autumn Trees Reflected in the Raleigh Corporate Center Building

November 2005 Raleigh, NC


During this afternoon's interview I was asked about outside interests by one of the interviewers, the very technically astute Steven Champeon.  I mentioned writing, pointing them to the one article I have published that's online, which he promptly pulled up on his iBook.  When I mentioned photography he asked if I had a flickr account.  I said I did and he pulled flickr up and asked what my account name was. 

Turns out Steve has friends who built the underlying software (Game Never Ending) that ended up morphing into flickr, so his interest was two-fold.  Still, I paused for a split second -- giving away my flickr account name could, with a quick Google or two, lead him straight to this blog.

Now, I don't have anything to hide here, and certainly it's pretty obvious that I made a conscious effort not to discuss anything work related here and, heck, he would even be the person hiring me nor would he be anyone I'd be working with.  Still, it was an awkward leap for me, but after that split second hesitation I told him.  What the heck.

So, Steve, if you're reading this, I appreciated the interview, the informal nature of it all and I enjoyed jamming with you and Debra.  (Feel free to leave an anonymous comment -- with some aspect of what we talked about so I'll know its you)

And, if not, that's cool, too. 

For the rest of you, I thought it went pretty well.  Debra was psyched that I actually did bring a bag of Dark Chocolate M&Ms (and immediately took the bag out to share it with someone she said she'd promised some to if I really did bring them) and after a brief "tell us about yourself" talk it was pretty clear that I had 95% of what they were looking for.  From there we discussed all sorts of things and generally had a good time talking.  One of us would eventually bring the discussion back to more interview type questions, but, as I said (and they admitted) I had what they were looking for and that I was interested in the job.

Does this mean I'm writing up my letter of resignation to my current job?  Heck, no.  Call me pessimistic, but I'm not counting on anything until someone makes me an offer that I like.

Three cheers also goes out to [ profile] mylastsigh who felt his interview today went well.  Must be something about the birthdays.

For two more images of the Autumn leaves reflected in the building, click on through to the other side... )
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Old Connections

Old Connections

October 2005 Myrtle Beach, SC


Hiding in the back of the junk shop/antiques mall we went in on the Mandatory Fun weekend trip was this old telephone switchboard. It was clearly from a North Carolina exchange -- the city names listed were all prominent North Carolina towns -- and had seen better days. Still, it was a fascinating piece of history to be able to examine and photograph.

Two more are over at the flickr account, should you be interested.

I've been spending time going over the re-write of an old blog entry to eventually send it off somewhere to see if I can get it published. It's a long, tedious process made all that much more difficult by the fact that I'm consciously trying to write instead of just writing. It's coming off as short, clipped and pretentious -- not at all the effect I'm trying to achieve.

Probably time to set it aside for a while.

On the way back from last weekend's show I had a long, barren stretch of I-85 through Virginia and North Carolina where Bonn was asleep to think about the the Victorian-era kids book. I've have a beginning and an ending, but the middle has plagued me. I thought through how some of the dots could/should be connected and by the time we got home and Bonn woke up I had enough of it settled in my mind that I was ready to start outlining chapters. Which I've started.

In other news, after a long, dry spell, I finally have another job interview tomorrow. It's for a management position with a local university press, running their small IT department. My previous job with [ profile] zombiefodder and (the soon to be departing this area) [ profile] pilote put me in good stead for this, I'm sure.

The woman arranging the interview said I should schedule 1 1/2 to 2 hours for the interview. I asked if there was anything I should bring with me. She paused for a second or two and finally said, meekly, "Chocolate?"

I asked if she had tried Dark Chocolate M&Ms and when she said no but was intrigued, I offered to bring some with me to the interview.

We went out and found four hard-to-find bags in amongst the post-Halloween discounted candy. Anything to stand out from the crowd.



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