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Baron von Rumblebus and Red Zeppelin

Baron von Rumblebus and Red Zeppelin at the Eno (Otter Stage)

July 2005 Durham, NC


The thing about doing a three day outdoor show in the worst part of the summer, like, oh, say the Festival for the Eno is that the day after the show I'm a complete toasted waste. My brain is fried, my body is beat and sleeping through the day, or, at best, catching up on the three DVDs sitting on top of the DVD player from our netflix list is about all that I feel like I can handle.

Instead, I've had to go to work (work?!) where they've actually expected coherient thought (thought?!) and problem solving skills (problem solving?!) to flow through me like tiny pearls of wisdom being dispenced freely to the eager-for-solutions customers. It took a double-shot of caffeine, in the form of a diet choke and a BC Powder to turn down the buzzing in my brain to a level where I could actually start working on that mind-to-mouth connection.

The surprise act of Day Three was "Baron von Rumblebus and the Red Zeppelin." They bill themselves as a kids band, and their songs were decidedly kid-themed oriented. The music, however, was kickin' rock and roll, the kind that is, sadly, not heard so often at the Eno in recent years.

Turns ou the band is made up of two former members of the Squirrel Nut Zippers and one from Blind Melon. (And, no, I don't know who's who or from what band. Sorry)

As the local paper quoted
"It's a super group," said festival coordinator Greg Bell. "I'd like to think that nowhere but the festival could you see multiplatinum album-selling performers ncognito, dressed as bumblebees, on the children's stage."
I was hoping that they would be dressed in bumblebee costumes, but, alas, it was not to be. (Although the woman to the far right, standing in front of the drummer, is wearing pink fairy wings)

A friend of ours asked them if they'd be willing to play at a party for adults and they said, "Sure, we like to drink beer!" I'm not much of one for parties, but I'd definitely go to that one.

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The Amazing Danny Mathewson at the Eno

July 2005 Durham, NC


When I grow up, I want to be Danny. 

Danny is the wildman scuptor of the Eno.  He builds the most fantastic animals and pieces of art out of scrap metal and pieces of discarded junk.  I'm talking about live-sized dinosaurs with heads and tails that move, live-sized cows and, well, whatever else his brain tells him to make.

He's a person we only see once a year but I'd really like to change that.  I mean, there's no way he's going to be able to bring the life-sized bracheosaur (large enough for people to sit inside) to the Eno one year.  That means the only way to see it is going to be to go out to his place.

Today was Day Three of the Eno and I'm beat, in despirate need of a bath and want nothing more than to eat some icecream and go to bed so I can go to work in the morning and not be a complete and total zombie.  Still, I told Danny (repeatedly) that I'd post the image of him tonight.  I don't think he believed me.

Oh, and Danny, the website on your business card doesn't exist.  (What a surprise.  Sheesh)

Danny's Cow

A Danny Mathewson Cow

July 2005 Durham, NC


More tomorrow.

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The Nields at the Eno

The Nields at the Eno #1

July 2005 Durham, NC


[ profile] basefinder asked for some pictures of The Nields playing onstage.  I've complied with several here.  Sadly, none of them are all that interesting, but it's a very hot, humid show to do and there are crowds of people at every stage so taking interesting pictures is a bit of a challenge.  (read: 'What, are you crazy')

The first shot here was at the Meadow Stage.  It's the largest stage, set up at the most level part of the base of a large meadow.  There's wonderful, shady area surrounding the meadow on most sides, but the heart of the meadow, facing the stage, is an unshaded swath of mid-summer in North Carolina torture.  A few trees have managed to survive at the side of the meadow (stage right) and that's where most people stay. 

There are four more images to go here, but to save some download time for those without broadband I'll stash them behind the cut.  There's another shot of the two of them, along a shot each of each sister (including one [ profile] drood should check out, and a shot of my favorite new band of Day One, Eddie from Ohio.

Do the RuralRob clicky-thing to read and see the rest )


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