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October 2005 Raleigh, NC


This past weekend I had the honor of reviewing [ profile] drood's latest manuscript.  It was a last check before he submitted it to his editor for publication and I was checking it for any obvious errors -- spelling, duplicated words, timeline inconsistencies, etc.  It took a good chunk of time to go through, making numerous comments and doing some background fact-checking of my own at certain points. 

For instance, did you know that "What's My Line" was shown on Sunday nights at 10:30pm and that you can actually find out who the panelists and guests were for each individual broadcast aired?  There's even a yahoo group devoted to the show. (the moderator of which graciously confirmed those two points for me)

And you'll have to read the book to figure out what the heck those facts have to do with anything.  (How's that for a plug from a loyal DONK?)

Doing all of that work with the printed word (okay, the typed word) showed me two things: one, that I could carve out some time during the week to do so work with writing if I really wanted to and, two, I really want to.

So I've been going over the two short story-like pieces that I had been working on but put up for a while.  After a bit of distance I'm seeing that some of the editorial changes that I had thought were going to be necessary really are necessary.  (Lopping off the beginning paragraphs of each piece, for instance)

Once they're done I need to spend some time in the local college libraries going through some of the relatively obscure literary magazines to try and match up my pieces with some publications that might consider publishing them.  At the same time, it's really time to start biting the bullet and get back to work mapping out the Victorian-age kid's novel I've been putting off writing  for far too long.

I only wish I had greater confidence in my writing and my ability to tell a (long) story.

Practice and patience.

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NOTICE: This posting and all information herein contained is solely the responsibility of this author. [ profile] drood has nothing to do with it. Nope, nothing. Not a word.

My lj friend's list is populated with a large number of extremely fine photographers and writers. Picking a favorite photographer would be difficult -- extremely difficult. Picking a favorite writer, however, is not.

That distinction goes out to [ profile] drood. I was first introduced to his blog through a posting that linked to his entry commemorating his one-year anniversary as a published author where he offered to answer questions from the audience about writing. He graciously answered all of my questions (and then some) and we started reading each other's journals. His entries are not only extremely well-written, but they're typically funny with the type of biting, snarky observational humor that I can only hope to attain.

He's also been wonderfully encouraging about my writing, but that's neither here nor there.

As mentioned, [ profile] drood is a published author. He has written two books under the name Naomi Neale, The Mile High Hair Club and Calendar Girl, as well as the story "King of Orient Are!" in Shop 'til Yule Drop and a story in the upcoming Christmas Cards from the Edge. Writing for teens under the name Naomi Nash, [ profile] drood has published You are SO Cursed, Chloe, Queen of Denial, Beaner O'Brien's Absolutely Ginormous Guidebook to Guys and Senses Working Overtime. Going out on a limb, I'll recommend them all.

After all of these books, [ profile] drood is still working his regular, full-time day job. He hopes to one day be able to give all of that up and write full-time, but so far that hasn't happened.

In my little brain, I was wondering what I could do to help.

Click on through to the other side to discover what YOU need to do to join The Droodic Order of Naomi's Knights! )

And, yes, I am serious about all of this.



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