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Summer 2006 Raleighwood, NC


As I left work last night I could hear the helicopters already circling the skies overhead. It wasn't all that unexpected, given the day and the fact that thanks to the ending of Daylight Savings Time I'm now leaving work much closer to dusk than I was only last week.

The local campus newspaper reported that there were somewhere around 60,000 people on the streets just a few blocks from the Press last night. This year apparently passed relatively quietly, with only a small number of arrests and no major problems.

My night ended up being far less crowded. Maggie, The Cat Who Knows No Fear, was continually annoyed by my getting up to answer the doorbell for Trick-or-Treaters and finally left the room entirely. SamSam, one of the outdoor cats who has chosen to live with us, stayed on the front porch and enjoyed those times when I just sat out there, waiting for the next round of costumed kids to come down the walk.

We have the first of two three-day shows this coming weekend. We'll be leaving out tomorrow afternoon (early, hopefully) and driving the 2+ hours North to Richmond where we'll spend the late afternoon and early evening setting up our booth for the next three days. Friday will be about a 14-hour day, broken only by naps and a trip or two out to my favorite grocery store in Richmond, Ukrops, for some lunch and dinner to bring back to the booth.

This past weekend and all week long it's been Bangle Mania Time Again. Tonight it's Bangle Polishing Mania Time Again.

Maggie will be less than happy. Polishing involves standing over a set of polishing wheels and a sink with no time at all for me to sit down and provide a warm lap for her to fall asleep in for the rest of the night.

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Columbia Record

October 2005 Myrtle Beach, SC


I spent a restless time having Mandatory Fun last weekend. I've found that on my first nights out with whatever from work that I don't sleep well. I toss and turn, eventually fall into a light meditative state, but never go down into the deep sleep my body needs at night. Usually I'm fine by the second night (due to sheer exhaustion more than anything) but this weekend didn't work out that way. Two relatively sleepless nights later I was beat.

Mandatory Fun Weekend consisted of a Friday Night socializing time, complete with dinner, desert and games. The game of choice this year was Jenga, the remove the blocks from the tower without making it fall over game that can be fun under the right circumstances. I found it far more entertaining to not take the game seriously at all and flick pieces out and take my chances. The organizers had some odd bead-counter system for "scoring" which I started circumventing by dumping small handfuls of beads from The Big Bead Bowl into people's collections of beads.

A sleepless night and a breakfast later found us at the Hawaiian Rumble miniature golf course. This isn't just any miniature golf course, but THE course, voted best in the known universe by some golfing magazine and featured in the miniature golf hall of fame tournament or some such blather. Interesting course, but not worth the hype.

Next came my yearly foray into bowling. I understand the concepts of bowling but my execution is pretty awful. Our Team had a visiting member from Germany who couldn't believe that Americans had bowling tournaments worth lots of money and that the sport was televised.

A so-so to okay dinner at the House of Blues (dried-out salmon isn't good eats) was helped out by them having Guinness on tap.

Another sleepless night and I was ready to go home.

This weekend we have a three-day show in Richmond, VA, about 3 hours away from home. We'll be loading up a car tomorrow with all of the indoor show stuff, driving up, setting up so we can walk in on Friday morning to do a 14+ hour day at the show. Followed by a 10+ hour day on Saturday and an I-don't-know-how-long day on Sunday (including packing up, driving home and unloading) -- all before going back to work on Monday.

The week has been another Banglemania week, with me trying to make the most of very little wire. This show is known as a bangle show, but we'll just have to see what happens.

The image, above, comes from the back of an "Antiques Mall" in Myrtle Beach. Some of us went there last year and I was happy to go back this year. Without my tripod I was hard pressed to come up with good images, but I have a few more I'll be posting starting next week.

Have a safe weekend everybody.



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