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1966ish. There was a mail-away contest in the local Sunday comic section. If you colored in the Funny Face ad (a Kool Aid competitor) and sent it in you would be entered in a contest for your very own Funny Face Drink Stand.
In one of those harmonic convergence moments, I knew -- I KNEW -- I was going to win this contest. My mom tried her best to explain how unlikely this might be, but I held firm to my rock-solid belief that I was going to win.
Sure enough, several weeks later, a delivery man knocked at the door and dropped off a long cardboard box filled with even more cardboard.
My bewildered mother agreed to fill a tupperware jug with some sort of drink mix, and a styrofoam urn with ice and I set up shop outside our front door. 2¢ a Dixie Cup, as I recall.
After a few times setting up shop the appeal wore thin and it was relegated to my parent's basement where it met with an unfortunate cardboard fate as a fort, dueling swords and other follies of youth.
(The stand in 1970's faded color -- although I don't remember it being orange striped)


[NOTE: Like many people, I signed up for an Ello account when they first came online.  (Was that a year or so ago?)  It was touted as an ad-free alternative to FaceBook but has largely been forgotten by most of my contacts who also signed on in the early days.

I've been posting there fairly regularly.  Most often just photographs or screen grabs of cartoons that I enjoy.  I've found that the silence there appeals to me.

I have been using IFTTT to automagically copy my Instagram photographs over to both FaceBook and Flickr.  I had hoped someone would come up with a IFTTT 'recipe' to do copy my Ello entries over to LJ.  Alas, that has yet to happen. (and I certainly don't care to learn enough programming to make that happen myself)  I suppose, then, that it's time to finally start doing so manually.]
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