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Ceiling Fan
Outside Raleighwood
June 2013

Recording for posterity:

I play Pente with [ profile] amlaped and [ profile] sakkijarvi over at (If you play Pente and are interested in playing, leave me a comment))

There is an area to the left of the board that allows us to leave comments to each other. Sometimes we talk about the game, sometimes we talk about whatever is on our minds. It's a great way to keep up with one another on an almost daily basis.

For Father's Day, [ profile] sakkijarvi's older sister posted a photo of herself as a baby with her parents. I was struck by how much [ profile] sakkijarvi looks like his father in the photo -- something I had never noticed before.

Here's our conversation from the Pente comments, (without the comments about the game):

[ profile] sakkijarvi: The odd thing is that, when you compare us at similar ages, I didn't look much like him until my mid-20s or so . . . as a young man he was handsome, whereas I was, at best, plain . . . in some ways I think I've actually become better looking with age

Me: I think I peaked in my early 20s. It's been quite downhill from there.

[ profile] sakkijarvi: Maybe it's just that that wise-ass smirk of yours plays better coming from a pup!

I'm going to say that's partially the benefit and the problem of long-time friends.



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