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Bedtime Maxx & Me
Bedtime Maxx & Me
April 2013

I love this picture of Maxx. During the daylight hours he's a very aloof cat who is frustrated by not being able to go outside (where he would, undoubtedly put his extensive leaping skills to work by escaping from the fenced-in back yard… which is why he isn't allowed outside). Once it's bedtime, though, he frequently wants to curl up against me and sleep.

Three Bits o' Gratitude for Today: Online Radio Edition

1. The Iain Anderson Show
Iain Anderson's show is broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland late in the evening (Scottish time) but is available online and through the BBC iPlayer. He plays a good mix of folk, older rock, and various acoustic singer/songwriters. He's only on Monday through Wednesday, so I download the show the next day and listen to it the next day.

2. Late Night with Cherrie McIlwaine
Cherrie McIlwaine's show is on BBC Radio Ulster (Northern Ireland) and overlaps Iain Anderson's show, timewise. Luckily, I download her show as well. She plays a similar mix of music, frequently on the quieter side, but every bit as good.

3. Wrecking Ball Radio
Wrecking Ball Radio originates just down the road from where I werk in Carrboro, NC. They promote themselves as playing "eclectic folk rock" "cosmic americana" "bluegrass + jamband" and "soulful" which pretty well sums it up. Their daytime playlists have been good this week, so I'll keep tuning in.

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